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6 Popular Website Designs to Inspire You

Popular Website Designs

It can be the toughest yet most fun part of designing your website and that is deciding on a layout.  The choices are endless from simple yet clean designs to elaborate multi-box web designs.  What may work for one website project, may not work for another website project.  It is why it is so important to plan ahead when deciding on what popular website designs you would like to incorporate in your next project.

Website Design is an Art and a Science

I guess you can say us web designers use both sides of our brains when developing a website.  We need the analytical side of our brain to do all the grunt work and coding and at the same time we need our creative side of our brain to create a work of art.

Many times I wait for that inspiration for my website design.  But when I do, there is no stopping me while I am in my creative stage.  Using Photoshop as my canvas, I start to place web elements, graphics, colors, fonts and more onto my canvas before I even go to Dreamweaver.

However for those times that I’m waiting for that lightning bolt to hit my creativity, I turn to the world wide web for ideas and inspiration.  It seems that a lot of popular websites have a lot in common when it comes to their layouts.

Collection of Popular Website Layouts

Below are 6 different layouts for you to try in your next website projects.  Each one has their unique strengths and weaknesses.  Not all would fit in every website project but every website project would fit into one of these layouts.

1.  3 Box Layout

3 Box Layout

This website layout design is great when you have high resolution images and you are highlighting specific topics of your site.  The top left would be your logo and your navigation to the right of it.  The large image is your highlighted topic.  The two boxes below don’t both have to be images.  One could be an image and the other a text box.

2.  Multi Box Layout

Multi Box Layout

This website design layout requires a little more planning than the 3 Box Layout.  We still start with the logo and navigation at the top.  The large image below can be a carousel with the next boxes below that a combination of images and text boxes.  The bottom three boxes are set up as the footer of the page that link to other pages on the site.

3.  Featured Layout

Featured Layout

A common, yet bold website design, works perfectly when you can feature 3 major selling points on your website.  Great use of whitespace and is very clean making a strong statement to your simple yet clean website.

4.  Highlighted Web Design Layout

Highlighted Web Design Layout

Even cleaner than the Featured Layout, the Highlighted Web Design Layout has a main focus on one major point of the website.  The round image is showcased and surrounded by white space.  To the left of the round image is a text box, however to make the text leap off the page, don’t use any background color to the text box.

5.  Sidebar Fixed Layout

Sidebar Fixed Layout

A more retro/classic look to this site which is based on the traditional two-column layout.  The logo and navigation are locked on the left while the content side of the page scrolls down.

6.  Full Screen Image Layout

Full Screen Layout Design

A favorite among artists and photographers, this website design layout uses an image across the entire background.  The text boxes “float” over the images.  With the right photo, this layout is very classy and eye-catching.

Recap of 6 Popular Website Designs

There are a ton of ways to layout a website.  These are 6 popular website designs that I have noticed when I have researched the web for creative ideas in my next projects.  Hopefully they give you some inspiration in your next website project.

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