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What All Businesses Should Be Saying


“No problem”.  Everything is no problem.  What a great philosophy.  My wife and I visited the Dominican Republic last June.  As we were on the tour bus to Saona Island the tour director spoke about the history of the Dominican Republic and how different countries fought to have the land that is now the Dominican Republic.


It was like “no problem” was their slogan even in a time of war.  With no big army or navy, what could they do to defend themselves?  Eventually they got their freedom; however the US wanted to run their country.  They pleaded with trust.  The people of the Dominican Republic stated, “Trust us to run our country.  Come visit us anytime, no problem, we will take care of you”.  And they have.  Taking care of their visitor is embedded into the people of DR.

Coined phrases like, “Welcome to the party”, “How are we?” is asked often but  “Manifico” is the only acceptable answer.  “Are you having fun? Yes or yes?”  Which doesn’t even give you the chance to say, “No, not having fun”.

You want something?  No problem.  Whatever it is, it’s no problem to get if for you.  How many businesses in the US utilize that phrase?  No problem.  Many times if a customer wants something that not in the line with normal operating practices, it’s probably a big problem.  I can’t do that it’s not by my protocol.  But in DR, it’s not a protocol; it’s a way of life.  To keep their country going, they depend on everyone within to do their part to make sure we come back again and again.

Their work scheduled at the resort is 16 hour days for 11 days straight.  Insane work schedule, however these aren’t factory workers.  They do live in a paradise where their motto is, “Welcome to the party”.  It does make it easier to endure when your workplace is a “party”.  But you try to be nice to strangers for 16 hours a day.  I’m sure it’s not easy.  Their “niceness” is not limited to the tourists; they are friendly to each other as well.  I have seen them many times give each other kind greetings, high 5’s, etc.  If you were a customer in a large department store, how much better of an experience would it be if you saw the employees being nice to their fellow employees?  Multiple times I have been in my bank only to see the tellers being “catty” to the other tellers.  That’s not good for business, ever.

But in DR, it’s one big family.   As the bartenders stated, “you are mi familia”.  Our tour director would state in order to get our attention, “Attention Enrique Family”.  It gave us all a sense of intrinsic security knowing that he was there to take care of us.

To the newcomer, Dominicans can come across as pushy and at times may cross that line of personal boundaries but what I have noticed is that they cross sell other products and services that may not directly affect that one person.  They help their fellow Dominicans because in turn it helps all Dominicans.

Dominicans have a sense of humor, light-heartedness.  Funny that they know what’s going on in our country.  We arrived at Saona Island (one of sixteen national parks in DR).  Our tour director tells us what to expect there at the island by referencing Obama-care.

What is included and what is extra.  “Welcome to Obama-care.  Everything here is free, but if you want to get a lobster, that is extra”.

DR and its people are beautiful and desire everyone to come visit them, not just once, but often.  “Welcome to the party”.