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What Would You Do?

What would you do?

You hired a contractor to redo your kitchen.  They come in, demo the kitchen and only start to rebuild the kitchen and walk off the job.  You ask when they are coming back and they give your 3 different times and don’t come back.

Contractor Faceoff

After 3 months, you hire someone else to help you finish the job.  After it’s complete the first contractor demands money for the work that they did stating, “Hey I did demo the kitchen, so you owe me for that”. What would you do?  Would you pay him?

What would you do?

You bring your car in for an engine overhaul.  The mechanic tears down the engine, but after weeks of asking what’s up with the car, the mechanic states that they got a promotion at work and can’t finish your car.  So now you have to get your car to a new mechanic to finish the job.  Another mechanic finishes the job Continue reading