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NYC One Of The First US Cities To Get Its Own gTLD

In The City That Never Sleeps

The internet is no exception to that.  And for New York businesses, a chance to have a domain with .nyc to follow it.  Other cities in the world, including London, Berlin and Paris have already had their city names become a gTLD (Generic Top Level Domain).  But in 2014-2015, there will be about 35 US cities getting their own TLD.

NYC-DomainsThe goal is to make it better for NYC businesses to promote tourism with having a .nyc in their domain.  Tens of millions of people visit the Big Apple every year and having .nyc is a perfect promotional tool to attract visitors to NYC businesses.

Do you have to dump your old .com?

Definitely not!  Lots of companies own their domain with .com, .net, .co to prevent other companies from piggy-backing off their established brands.  Adding .nyc is just another tool.

Where do you get a .nyc?

Get your .nyc at www.hostingdomainsweb.com and get your NYC pride on with your .nyc domain for

Be one of the first businesses in NYC to get your .nyc.

Can anyone get a .nyc?

Unfortunately only businesses, organizations and residents of NYC will be able to register a .nyc for their domain.  In order to possess one, you would have to have a physical address in NYC.