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3 Box Layout

6 Popular Website Designs to Inspire You

Popular Website Designs

It can be the toughest yet most fun part of designing your website and that is deciding on a layout.  The choices are endless from simple yet clean designs to elaborate multi-box web designs.  What may work for one website project, may not work for another website project.  It is why it is so important to plan ahead when deciding on what popular website designs you would like to incorporate in your next project. Continue reading

web hosting

Web Hosting Services and How They Help You

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is what makes it possible for your website to be seen on the internet. Having a domain name with hosting is like having a house with a piece of property for it to sit on. So to make sure that your friends, family and customers can see you, you need a website with a domain and a web hosting plan.

Fortunately, Hosting Domains Web.com makes it possible for you to have all 3 in one affordable and convenient location.

web hosting

Award-Winning Security

Our security team is on the job 24/7, monitoring your site for suspicious activities and protecting against brute force and DDoS attacks.

Easy and Free App Installs Just A Click Away

From Content Management System (CMS) to eCommerce solutions to Photo Galleries, Hosting Domains Web.com offers free apps that are just a click away to being installed on your web hosting account. Apps like: ZenCart, phpBB, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, to name a few.


From $6.99/month

  • 100 GB Space
  • Unlimited Bandwith
  • 100 Email Accounts
  • 10 MySQL Databases (1 GB ea.)

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From $8.99/month

  • Unlimited Websites, Space & Bandwith
  • 500 Email Accounts
  • 25 MySQL Databases (1 GB ea.)

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From $14.99/month

  • Unlimited Websites, Space & Bandwidth
  • 1000 Email Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases (1 GB ea.)
  • FREE Premium DNS, SSL Certificate with Fixed IP address

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Powerful, Cutting-Edge Web Hosting

Hosting Domains Web.com is proud to offer access to state-of-the-art data centers, providing fast, secure, reliable hosting to millions of users worldwide.


NYC One Of The First US Cities To Get Its Own gTLD

In The City That Never Sleeps

The internet is no exception to that.  And for New York businesses, a chance to have a domain with .nyc to follow it.  Other cities in the world, including London, Berlin and Paris have already had their city names become a gTLD (Generic Top Level Domain).  But in 2014-2015, there will be about 35 US cities getting their own TLD.

NYC-DomainsThe goal is to make it better for NYC businesses to promote tourism with having a .nyc in their domain.  Tens of millions of people visit the Big Apple every year and having .nyc is a perfect promotional tool to attract visitors to NYC businesses.

Do you have to dump your old .com?

Definitely not!  Lots of companies own their domain with .com, .net, .co to prevent other companies from piggy-backing off their established brands.  Adding .nyc is just another tool.

Where do you get a .nyc?

Get your .nyc at www.hostingdomainsweb.com and get your NYC pride on with your .nyc domain for

Be one of the first businesses in NYC to get your .nyc.

Can anyone get a .nyc?

Unfortunately only businesses, organizations and residents of NYC will be able to register a .nyc for their domain.  In order to possess one, you would have to have a physical address in NYC.


Working With A Web Designer

Like designing a new kitchen or bath, you want someone who understands your needs and goals. You may not want a trendy kitchen in an old Victorian home. Or maybe having two sinks in the bath is an essential. Building a website is no different. You want someone who will work with you and listen to your needs.

Waterviews Book

customer3In working with John Cardone on his website for his book, Waterviews. The look and feel of the website needed to match the look and feel of his book. Using the same color schemes and font styles help us achieve that goal.  As the brainstorming continued, we needed to add more pages to his site to accomplish the goal of having a list of his upcoming events.

John is in the process of writing a second book on Waterviews and we have already started to discuss website modifications to join both books into one site.  This site was written in HTML, CSS.

Smile Cube Photo Booth

customer4A great addition to any party, a photo booth is a fun idea to get people interacting at your party.  With this site, Paul (owner of Smile Cube) needed everything for this brand new business.  Together we went through many logo transformations before getting to the final project.

As for the site, Paul wanted an upbeat-kind-of-site that catches the attention of his visitors.  The site informs the visitors of its options as well let’s the visitors know what to expect from Smile Cube Photo Booth.  Linking to social media sites was important because pictures taken at events need to be online for previous guests to be able to find them.

Your Next Project

flyerThese were only a couple of examples of sites completed by myself.  When searching for your next web designer, make sure it is someone that will listen to your goals.  And pricing on a website shouldn’t break the bank.  I work with small businesses knowing that small businesses have tight budgets.  I offer payment plans and I do not “nickel and dime” over hours.

Special Offer

$100 off any web designs with the purchase of a hosting plan.  It is like getting a free hosting plan AND domain from HostingDomainsWeb.com and still have money left over for your web design.  Learn more about my design process.

Web Services

A website is the most important component to a company’s marketing strategy. There’s no better first impression than a clean and professional website for a company. As web technology has progressed over the years, a company needs to keep up with the advancements of social media, blogs and RSS feeds to stay ahead of their competitors.


James Girardi Web Design Cutting Edge DifferenceGet the benefit of an innovative and creative designer dedicated to making your business a step ahead of the competitors by having a custom-tailored website. Graphics are specifically designed to your site. I don not use clip art from image websites. I design the art for your site, using your color scheme and ideas. Learn more about my graphic design process.


Make Right Choice James Girardi Web DesignLike a contractor you trust with your home, having a web designer you can trust in makes all the difference. I pride myself in understanding your business goals so that together we can develop a plan of attack in getting you more customers for your business. I care about my clients and their needs. I don’t take on multiple projects that interfere with completing your site on the timeline that we worked out together. Getting a professional website designed has never been easier. Learn more about my web design services.


Shopping Cart James Girardi Web DesignYou have a one stop shop for all your internet needs. My partnership with a major hosting company allows me to get you a domain, hosting account, SSL certificates and more at a very competitive price. This means you don not have to have the burdensome to get a domain name set up. I will handle it all for you, but that does not mean you lose the ownership of the domain. Everything is in your name and your ownership.




Another service offered is website maintenance. Once your site is complete, the growing of your site is not over. From simple text updates to adding additional pages, I will be there for you to continue your marketing goals.

Maintenance services include:

Site Content Updates • Landing Page Designs • SEO Modifications • Company Email Plans

Ready to get started? Call me, email me or find me on social media and let’s chat about your website goals.